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About Us

Ocipaws Ocicats began with the purchase of littermate boys, Bert and Bubba. After having them for some months I, along with some prompting from the breeder, decided to show Bert. So began my Ocicat show career. Shatori Tradecentric, better known as 'Bert', became my first Grand Premier. Thank you, Victoria Garvin, for allowing me to start my show career and begin breeding this wonderful breed of cat.

Bert and Bubba

Creating and developing beautiful, healthy, loving and playful Ocicats is very rewarding. Seeing a beautiful wild looking cat with a 'pussycat' temperament is the greatest.

I chose Ocicats because of the wild look, mild temperament and playful attitude. I believe they would make a wonderful addition to anyone's home. I am located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Contact me at ocipaws@ocicat.com, or 513/722-5317

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