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See our Maine Coons too!
Cat showing is a fun thing to do with your Ocicats. Shown here is Landri with Judge Kim Everett-Hirsch, examining his coat.
Judge Lois Jensen checks Landri for a tail fault (as they do all Ocicats and many other breeds) by feeling the length of his tail. He meanwhile is looking for toys!
Our Show Cats
GC Catiators Flashfire of Ocipaws GC Catiators Flashfire of Ocipaws
GC Ocipaws

GC Ocipaws Just Chillin' Out Pudder Tat

Our first female grand!

Ocipaws Dancing the Boogie Woogie and GC Ocipaws Classy Ragtime Blues
Boogie, a beautiful tawny Ocicat
Ragtime, a beautiful chocolate Ocicat
Charlie, a beautiful GC ebony silver Ocicat
GC Ocipaws Charleston Chews
GC Ocipaws Chocolate Chipp Sundae

Chipp, a beautiful GC chocolate silver Ocicat

Dugan and Mara, beautiful blue silver Ocicats

GC Ocipaws Dugan Brit and

Ocipaws Maura Brit

GP Shatori Tradecentric
a beautiful GP chocolate Ocicat
GP Ocipaws Arkansas Traveler

Ocipaws USS Honolulu, cinnamon silver

Ocipaws USS Mount Whitney, chocolate

Ocipaws USS Chief, blue

A cinnamon silver, chocolate and blue Ocicat kittens

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